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The Minister of Finance & the Public Service

The Hon. Nigel Clarke, DPhil., MP, is Jamaica's Minister of Finance and the Public Service and is Member of Parliament for St Andrew Northwestern. ...

Financial Secretary

Ms. Darlene Morrison is currently Jamaica’s Financial Secretary. As Financial Secretary, Ms. Morrison is the technical and administrative head of the Ministry of Finance and the Pu...

State Minister in the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service

The Hon. Marsha Smith, MP was born and raised in the parish of Saint Ann. She was educated at Brown’s Town Primary School, Westwood High School, Brown’s Town Community College, the...

Tax Policy - Units and Sections

There are three (4) units within the Division, these being International Trade Relations, Research and Analysis, Policy Review and Development and the Tax Relief Unit.

International Trade Relations Unit

This unit, which is responsible for the monitoring of developments in international trade relations to ensure that taxation policy is consistent with the obligations of Jamaica under the various treaties and agreements. It also ensures that the position taken by the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service on trade issues is articulated at local, regional and international meetings.

Research and Analysis Unit

The unit designs, organizes and directs a wide range of studies on taxation in order to provide the data required for the formulation of taxation policy and develops and maintains econometric tax models to facilitate analysis of the revenue effect, economic impact and distributional consequences of changes in tax policy.

Policy Review and Development Unit

The unit develops and proposes tax policies, gives advice on tax policy issues, and reviews the consistency of existing policies with Government’s macroeconomic objects. They recommend
changes where necessary and develop the parameters within which applications for incentives are considered under the relevant tax laws.

The Policy Review Unit also seeks to administer a equitable and efficient system of relief based on provisions under the various acts. This is achieved through the processing of request for relief and assessing them on a case by case basis against the established legislation and making the necessary submissions to the Minister for his decision, as well as, through proposals submitted by interest groups.

Tax Relief Unit

The unit processes on a daily basis a large number of requests spanning a large cross section of taxes. These include

  • Motor Vehicle Concessions
  • Customs Duty
  • General Consumption Tax (GCT)
  • Stamp Duty & Transfer Tax
  • Withholding Tax
  • Income Tax
  • Property Tax and
  • Approved Charities etc.

The Tax Relief and Policy Review and Development Units collaborate with other revenue agencies and Government departments to uncover any weaknesses in tax policies and/or legislation.