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Outstanding CARE Programme Grants to be Collected by May 31, 2021 at LASCO MoneyGram

May 3, 2021
Further to the Press Release of April 29, 2021, regarding the CARE Programme, the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service wishes to advise the public that the Government will not publish the names of approved beneficiaries whose grants remain uncollected.

Approximately $300 million of the $14 billion approved for payment to applicants to the CARE Programme remains uncollected. The uncollected funds relate to SET Cash Grant, General Grant, and Compassionate Grant.

Included in the uncollected grants are grants disbursed to remittance agencies at the request of the applicants. These beneficiaries are asked to note that regardless of which remittance agency they selected, the uncollected grant can, at this time, only be collected from Lasco MoneyGram agencies.

Also, some of the uncollected grants are from applicants who selected 'deposit to a bank account.' If the selected bank is unable to confirm the details provided by the applicant or the account has been reported as dormant, the Ministry has re-directed these payments to Lasco MoneyGram, and these beneficiaries were so advised via SMS or email.

Approved beneficiaries, as described, who have not yet collected their grants, are therefore asked to do so at Lasco MoneyGram agencies by May 31, 2021. After May 30, 2021, any amounts remaining uncollected will be returned to the Consolidated Fund to ensure compliance with Jamaica's laws and regulations.

Beneficiaries are required to provide their CARE Reference number, TRN, and valid Government-issued ID to collect grants at Lasco MoneyGram agencies. Further details will appear in the newspapers on Friday, May 7, 2021, and Sunday, May 9, 2021.

Persons requiring additional information may call CARE Customer Support at 888-493-2273.

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