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The Minister of Finance & the Public Service

The Hon. Nigel Clarke, DPhil., MP, is Jamaica's Minister of Finance and the Public Service and is Member of Parliament for St Andrew Northwestern. ...

Financial Secretary

Ms. Darlene Morrison is currently Jamaica’s Financial Secretary. As Financial Secretary, Ms. Morrison is the technical and administrative head of the Ministry of Finance and the Pu...

State Minister in the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service

The Hon. Marsha Smith, MP was born and raised in the parish of Saint Ann. She was educated at Brown’s Town Primary School, Westwood High School, Brown’s Town Community College, the...

PSOJ Acknowledges with Satisfaction Announcement by Finance Minister Dr. Nigel Clarke

"The Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ) has noted with considerable satisfaction, the announcement by the Honourable Minister of Finance & the Public Service, Dr. Nigel Clarke, of the recent approval by the cabinet, of Policy Guidelines for the Nomination, Selection and Appointment of the Boards of Public Bodies.

In a speech on Thursday, June 8, 2018 to the Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Clarke clearly and unequivocally set in context the driving philosophy of transparency, accountability and robustness of performance with which his administration seeks to underpin the operation of public boards going forward.

Jamaica has now established a Policy Framework for a Competency Profile for Public Boards, a Board Performance Evaluation Process and Guidelines for the Nomination, Selection and Appointment of Members of Public Boards, truly, in the words of Dr. Clarke .."A quantum leap in the governance of public bodies in Jamaica".

Dr. Clarke has clearly grasped the critical need to preserve the legitimacy of government in the 21st century and to build confidence through participative democracy as a means to mobilize the entire society in achieving his administration's prosperity goals and we congratulate him for this and for bringing a fresh outlook to the leadership of his ministry.

The President of the PSOJ, Mr. Howard Mitchell has noted that once again the collaborative process involving the efforts of the public and private sector has borne fruit and that the PSOJ is proud of its partnership with the public sector in building a framework for good corporate governance through its involvement in this recent achievement and its co-sponsorship with the Ministry of Finance of the annual Public Bodies Corporate Governance Awards.

"It is imperative that we recognize good stewardship and management when it occurs and the PSOJ will continue its wholehearted support of the governance process by making itself available to assist in the final critical step of establishing a mechanism for the implementation, monitoring and enforcement of these guidelines. We look forward to the full roll out of the Board Performance Evaluation Process for the twenty critical boards that are a part of the pilot project referred to by Dr. Clarke in his speech. "


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