Sep 21, 2021 Last Updated 9:08 AM, Sep 17, 2021

Civil Service Week Themes

 2000  Worker Empowerment towards Total Quality Service 
 2001  Boldly Striding Towards Excellence
 2002   Committed to Excellence 
 2003   Enhancing Eccountability through Access and Performance 
 2004  Civil Servants, putting Country above Self
 2005  Quality Public Service through Participation and Partnership
 2006  Enhancing Customer Service through Modernization and Transformation
 2007  The Civil Service: The Career of Choice for National Development
 2008  The Jamaica Civil Service - Proud to Serve
 2009  Civil Servants Resolute Despite Challenges
 2010  Rising above Challenges; Adapting to Change
 2011  Civil Servants - Repositioning for National Development
 2012  Civil Servants in Action: Celebrating Jamaica
 2013  Transformation and Renewal for a Better Tomorrow
 2014  Public Sector Advancement through Partnership and Collaboration
 2015  Diligently and Relentlessly Pursuing Quality Public Services for Sustainable Development
2018  Committed to Sustainable Growth and Development