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The Jamaica Civil Service comprises of workers within the Central Government who form part of the general Public Service. Employees within Central Government include those employed directly to Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies.

In an effort to enhance the positive perception of the Civil Service in the Public's eyes, a decision was made to host activities that would highlight some of the duties of Civil Servants; foster family unity; encourage interaction among employees across Ministries, Departments and Agencies; and provide an avenue for positive response to social responsibility. Thus, the Civil Service Week celebrations came about.

The celebration of Jamaica Civil Service Week commenced in 1992, under the auspices of the Jamaica Civil Service Association and via a proclamation by his Excellency, the Governor General, Sir Howard Cook, the third week in November each year is designated for this event. The celebration is geared toward highlighting the worth and work of outstanding Civil Servants who have given excellent service to Central Government and to the country on a whole. The activities showcase talents, special efforts, outstanding performances, years of active dedicated service in Central Government, and team effort portrayed by Civil Servants. These have over the years been achieved through Expositions & Concerts, Fun days, Excursions, After-work activities, and Outreach programmes for Children and the aged.

The Baton for spearheading the hosting of CSW activities was subsequently passed on to the Ministry with responsibility for the Public Service, presently the Ministry of Finance & the Public Service; and the events for the week are organized by the Civil Service week Steering Committee (CSWSC) under the direction of the Employees Relations and Benefits Unit – Public Service Establishment Division of the Ministry. The Committee comprises if employees from various Ministries, Departments and Agencies within the sector in collaboration with representatives from the Jamaica Civil Service Association.

The Main highlights of the week normally include; an Official Launch of the week’s activities where the civil servant of the Year and other nominees for the award are recognized and honoured; National Church Services island wide, with the main one held in Kingston/St. Andrew; Exposition in the Park which highlights the various functions of the Civil Service through Ministries, Department and Agencies and serves as an avenue to take services provided to the people in a more relaxed atmosphere; Jamaica Civil Service Long Service Awards – an awards ceremony honouring Civil Servants who have served for Twenty-Five (25) years or over; Jamaica Civil Service School Quiz Competition where several Primary and Secondary School students compete for a trophy awarded by the Jamaica Civil Service Association; Ministries/Departments In-House Activities geared towards lifting morale of employees; Brain games Competition where Ministries/Departments compete in a  challenge quiz for a trophy; and After Employees work Lyme or any other activity that appeals to the social welfare, and boosts interactive energy among employees. Also, in more recent times the Jamaica Civil Service Association, in an effort to ensure the inclusion of the other parish regions, undertook to host the Western Events such as Farmer’s Market, Expositions, Run/Walk and Open Days.

Civil Service Week Celebration generally serves as an enhancement to public awareness of the various duties and activities undertaken by the civil Servants and the Public Sector on a whole.

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