Sep 21, 2021 Last Updated 9:08 AM, Sep 17, 2021
  1. A PFM Oversight Committee, chaired by the Financial Secretary (FS) has been meeting regularly to coordinate resources and review policy in respect of the PFM activities.
  3. A new Budget Calendar was established, which schedules the Budget Call by September 30, allowing greater lead time for MDAs to complete detailed budget bids.
  5. The introduction of new fiscal rules that support the planning and administration of the budget for central government and public bodies.  These new rules facilitate the tabling of the key budget support document to include the Fiscal Policy Paper and the Debt Management Strategy.
  7. Executive Agency and Semi-autonomous Revenue Agency status granted for the Jamaica Customs Agency and Tax Administration of Jamaica respectively.
  9. Implementation of a new Treasury-linked accounting and reporting system alongside the Treasury Single Account (TSA) to facilitate centralization of the government cash management function within the Accountant General’s Department.
  11. Full implementation of new revenue administration systems at both the TAJ (RAiS) and JCA (ASYCUDA);
  13. Establishment of a new Chart of Accounts (CoA), as well as the new Commitment and Purchase Order Modules.
  15. Establishment of the Revenue Appeals Division (RAD) with an organizational structure, business processes and automation (now integrated as part of the RAiS system).