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The Minister of Finance & the Public Service

The Hon. Nigel Clarke, DPhil., MP, is Jamaica's Minister of Finance and the Public Service and is Member of Parliament for St Andrew Northwestern. ...

Financial Secretary

Miss Darlene Morrison...

What We Do

About Us

The Ministry of Finance & the Public Service (MoF&PS), has overall responsibility for developing the Government’s fiscal and economic policy framework; collecting and allocating public revenues and playing an important role in the socio-economic development of the country in creating a society in which each citizen has every prospect of a better quality of life.

Vision Statement

A Centre of Excellence that enables Sustainable Growth and Development through Sound Policy, Planning and Quality Service Delivery.

Mission Statement

We combine professionalism and expertise in the pursuit of sound socio-economic and financial policies for the achievement of sustainable growth and development.

Core Values

The Ministry's customer service will be built on the following values (FIT TEAM):

  • F - Fairness
  • I - Integrity
  • T - Teamwork
  • T - Transparency
  • E - Excellence
  • A - Accountability
  • M - Mutual Respect

Priority Goals

The priority goals of the Ministry are geared towards:

Enabling growth and national development through a sound and predictable macroeconomic policy framework that maintains low inflation, stable exchange rates and competitive interest rates;
Improving revenue administration by creating a simple, equitable, and competitive tax environment to ensure greater compliance and enhance growth;
Strengthening the level of financial accountability, and efficiency of the Public Sector;
Strengthening the capacity of the Ministry to effectively regulate financial institutions and combat financial crimes;
Improving the internal efficiency and effectiveness of the Ministry.

MOF Desired Outcomes

The cumulative effort and resources will result in four (4) key outcomes: 

  • Stable Macro-Economy
  • Effectively Regulated Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs), and Financial Institutions
  • Effectively Managed Public Funds
  • Satisfied Clientele


01MOF Strategic Objectives

  • Enabling sound Monetary and Fiscal Policies
  • To reduce and maintain the national debt at sustainable levels
  • To create an efficient simple and equitable tax system
  • To ensure effective regulation of financial institutions
  • To prevent and manage enforcement of financial crimes and international terrorism
  • Rationalize remuneration and maintain a stable industrial relations climate in the Public Sector
  • Improved public financial management towards a higher level of transparency and compliance
  • To create a more efficient, effective and responsive service oriented Ministry


02MOF Divisions

MOF through its operational responsibilities ensures that government pursues policies that facilitate: sustainable growth in the national economy, effective regulation of the country's financial institutions and cost-effective delivery of public services, through highly committed, competent and motivated employees. In achieving these objectives, MOF portfolio is administered through fourteen (14) divisions:

  • Public Expenditure (PEX)
  • Public Expenditure and Policy Coordination (PXPC)
  • Public Service Establishment (PSED)
  • Economic Management
  • Financial Regulations
  • Corporate Services
  • Taxation Policy
  • Financial Investigations (FID)
  • Revenue Protection (RPD)
  • Public Accountability Inspectorate( PAID)
  • Internal Audit
  • Finance and Accounts
  • Public Enterprise Division (PED)
  • Legal Services


03MOF Operational Responsibilities

  • The Preparation and Management of the Budget
  • Financial Regulation & Anti-Corruption
  • Public Service Establishment Oversight
  • Managment of the Public Debt
  • Public Sector Financial Management
  • The Collection of Revenues
  • Public Bodies Oversight