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Senior Payment Officer - Vacant

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Job Code: FMG/PA 1
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Tuesday, 4th May 2021
Friday, 14th May 2021
Department: Finance and Accounts Division

Job Description:

The Senior Payments Officer is responsible for all payments and expenditures in the form of cheques, while ensuring that said payments are made based on the priority position of the transaction as well as the status of cash flow, at any given time.
The incumbent ensures that all processes related to payments to customers and clients of the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service (MOFPS), as well as payments for services contracted by the MOFPS, are carried out in accordance with the Financial Administration & Audit (FAA) Act, its Regulation & Instructions, as well as applicable MOFPS circulars.
The Payments Officer delivers his or her responsibilities using ethical business practices, due diligence and commitment, with high levels of accountability, responsibility as well as productivity


  • Output with respect to processing bills, invoices, claims and other related transactions are paid promptly and in accordance with the FAA Act, its Regulations and Instructions, as required.
  • The appropriate records of related documents are retained and archived/filed accordingly.
  • Reports related to the various output are prepared, verified for accuracy and presented in a timely manner.

Management/Administrative Responsibilities
Not Applicable

Technical/Professional Responsibilities

  • Maintain cordial and professional relationships with external and internal stakeholders and clients.
  • Ensure that payments are carried out with dispatch while having regard to policies laid down by the FAA Act, its Regulations and any related instructions.
  • Ensure the timeliness and accuracy of all payments, ensure that all records of payments and contractual obligations are accurate and up to date.
  • Process all payments with dispatch while having regard to policies laid down by the FAA Act, its Regulations and Instructions.
  • Establish the priority basis to determine the order of payments to be paid. This is done in consultation with the Director of Accounts Payable and Payroll.
  • Develop a schedule to coincide with the days of the week and specific payments related to each day.
  • Select the outstanding amounts to be paid, based on policy priority and availability of funds and ensure that accounts are updated and corresponding cheques are printed accordingly.
  • Ensure that printed cheques are appropriately signed and secured then delivered to the client in the shortest possible time.
  • Verify the Cashier’s deposits and Cash Books in accordance with the MOFPS policies and procedures.

Departmental Human Resource Responsibilities
Not Applicable

Customer Service Responsibilities

  • Maintain and uphold all customer service principles, standards, deliverables and responsibilities.
  • Deliver customer evaluations to the appropriate officer.

Other Responsibilities

  • Any other related duties which may be assigned by the Accounts Payable and Disbursement Manager.


  • Output is delivered in accordance with the FAA Act, its Regulations and Guidelines, activities are planned, monitored and delivered accordingly.
  • Payments are processed and are carried out in accordance with the appropriate rules and regulations, within the specified timeframe.
  • Assigned reports are prepared and presented within the appropriate timelines.
  • An agreed and achieved percentage of verifiable satisfaction, with respect to deliverables and services provided to stakeholders.
  • Any complaints and or enquiries are appropriately and expeditiously resolved in accordance with established procedures.


  • Knowledge of Accounting Principles and Practices.
  • Knowledge of the Government of Jamaica’s (GOJ) Accounting Standards.
  • Knowledge of the Financial Administration and Audit Act and Regulations.
  • Knowledge of related software applications.


  • Excellent analytical, planning and interpersonal skills.
  • Possess high ethical conduct, confirmed integrity and is open to change.
  • Competent user of computer hardware with knowledge of relevant software applications.
  • Willing to work co-operatively and collaboratively with stakeholders and able to establish and maintain good working relationships.
  • Good oral and written communication skills, with report writing.
  • Good investigative and problem solving skills with the tenacity to do so


  • AAT Level 3 or
  • ACCA-CAT Level C/level 3 or
  • ACCA Level 1 or
  • NVQJ Level 4, Accounting or
  • Diploma in Accounting
  • Asc. Degree in Business Studies/Management Studies/Business Administration
  • Asc. Degree in Accounting, MIND or
  • Diploma in Government Accounting, MIND, Government Accounting levels 1,2 & 3 or
  • BSc. Degree in Accounting/Management Studies with Accounting or Bachelor’s in Business Administration
  • Three (3) years post, qualification experience.


  • This is a typical office environment, with no adverse working conditions.
  • There can be stress especially when meeting deadlines.
  • Extended working hours can be expected.


  • Recommend leave and disciplinary action in accordance with established policies and procedures.


  • Salary range 1,341,866 – $1,789,576 per annum and
  • any allowance(s) attached to the post

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