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The Minister of Finance & the Public Service

The Honourable Minister Audley Shaw CD, MP, Minister of Finance and the Public Service. He is a graduate of Northern Illinois University (NIU) with a Bachelor of Arts and Master of...

Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service

The Honourable Rudyard Spencer, CD, MP is Minister of State (Public Service), with the Ministry of Finance and Public Service. Minister Spencer studied Industrial Relations at Medg...

Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service

The Honourable Fayval Williams, MP, is Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service. Minister Williams is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), and holds an M...

Public Service Establishment

The main aim of PSED is to implement policies and manage programmes relating to compensation, benefits, industrial relations, employment and pensions for public sector employees and entities by:

  • managing benefits programmes and administering conditions of service policies for public sector employees.
  • engaging in research and audit activities and labour market studies which will facilitate the proper utilization of staff complements, and the management of the size of the Public Service
  • developing pay structures and job evaluation tools which are rational
  • maintaining and enhancing industrial harmony in the public sector
  • improving the adequacy and timeliness of the delivery of retiring benefits
  • Providing education funding assistance
  • Developing human resource management policies for the public service

The primary objectives of the Division are:

  • Ensure effective management of the Division;
  • Develop and implement policies to ensure effective management of public service benefits and establishment;
  • Monitor Public Sector employment and Post Complement;
  • Develop and co-ordinate the work programme for the successor Agreement of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) III;
  • Develop proposals for terms of reference of the Monitoring Committee;
  • Re-establish and develop the cost saving systems within the Public Sector and the implement of related policy initiatives;
  • Ensure effective and efficient administration of retiring benefits;
  • To develop sound Industrial Relations Policies and to maintain and enhance industrial harmony in the Public Sector;


To develop and implement policies relating to  Public Service employees  which are consistent with modern human resource