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BGLC Advisory - Changes to Payment for CHASE Contributions

Effective January 1, 2018, contributions normally paid directly to the CHASE Fund account at NCB are changed to a fee that is to be paid directly to Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ).

Changes to Payments for CHASE Contributions

  1. Contributions normally paid to CHASE Fund's NCB bank account are now to be paid at Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ).
  2. Contributions to the CHASE Fund will now be referred to as "Fees payable to the Collector of Taxes" and these fees will now be related to the Consolidated Fund.
  3. The Returns used for filing will include the contributions, now called "fees" as follows:
     License Type Return Form Tax rate payable up to 12/31/2017 Contribution payable to CHASE Fund up to 12/31/2017  Tax rate payable to TAJ effective 1/1/2018
     Bookmaker (Sports Betting)  BT06  7%  1% 8%
     Gaming  GT01  6.5%  1% 7.5%
  4. Lottery Promoters should note:
    • The Weekly Return Form LT01 is amended to include the new SECTION E - FEES where the fees payable are declared.
    • The portion of Unclaimed Winnings normally paid to CHASE Fund is now to be paid using TAJ's Payment Advice.


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