Dec 14, 2017 Last Updated 2:48 PM, Dec 12, 2017

hrm transformation

HR Operating Model

This project seeks to develop and implement an HR operating model which delivers HR services in line with a transformed HR function and in support of a transformed public sector.

Developing a new model requires a shared vision of what the HR function in the public sector should be in order to overcome the challenges in delivering excellent service to the citizens of Jamaica. It also demands building on the strengths of the public service whilst transforming weak areas in order to achieve the new vision.

The new model will be an integrated delivery model that creates and sustains a balance between the effective management and development of people. It will also ensure the realisation of organisational goals in the medium to long term.

Work has started on the development of the new model with the first in a series of workshops held recently to:

  •  Crystallise the case for change;
  •  Re-imagine HR management in the public sector leading to a new vision;
  •  Formulate the HR Operating Model and determine where different types of work would be done;
  •  Identify the required key competencies; and
  •  Establish a community of change leaders.

Consultations will continue to ensure a model that is fit for purpose.


HCMES is now MyHR+


The Human Capital Management Enterprise System now has a new name, MyHR+ which is nine syllables shorter than the original name!

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